Her Story

Learn about some of the inspirational single mothers that work with Tink Knit!


After spending the time and money to assist in the payment and care-taking of her mother’s injury and recovery, Marissa was led to financial hardship. An avid baker, she used to cook for her profession. However, she is presently unemployed and living in a family shelter for the homeless. Once her essential bills are paid, Marissa is left with only $100 to purchase the necessities for her and her two children, ages seven and eleven, who both have ADHD. Joining Tink | Knit has turned around this financial hardship. By only spending 2 hours every night, Marissa’s income has increased by 50%. Through Tink | Knit’s skill training work- shops, Marissa hopes to gain the necessary skills to gain a competitive edge in the job market. 




Currently unemployed and homeless, Shani lives in a two-year transition program housing for single mothers. She has two children, ages three and seven. Due to her financial instability and mental difficulties, Shani lost custody of her children, which also disqualifies her for any kind of state assistance other than food stamps. However, since joining Tink | Knit, Shani has reaped emotional, financial, and personal benefits. In only one and a half months she knitted 50 hats, making an income of $750! Tink | Knit gives Shani the income to help support her children and prove her financial ability to the court of law so she can regain custody. Tink’s influence extends into Shani’s emotional life, giving her a creative outlet for her emotions. She says that the program motivates her, makes her feel more confident in her technical work, and acts as a therapeutic remedy for anxiety. “I’m now known as the hat lady!” She laughs, saying that since she’ve started to knit, she has been spending much more time in their communal lobby, making much more friends than before. Apart from financial and emotional support, Tink | Knit also encourages Shani’s career life, helping her with her resume and interview skills so she can start looking for a job and eventually become financially independent.