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Executive Board



The Business Team manages the finances of our organization. They apply for grants that cover overall costs, and track our growth over time. Members also manage e-commerce, organize campus sales, and reach out to community partners; currently, Tink Knit primarily partners with the Trinity Repertory Company. This team's work guarantees that moms receive proper compensation for the knitwear they produce.


The Marketing Team represents our mission and products on Tink Knit social media platforms. They also design printed materials, create product tags, and photograph the knitwear you see on this website. Their efforts aim to increase Tink Knit's outreach and educate the public about ways they can support our local mothers.


The Operations Team works directly with the moms, establishing relationships with them through knitting workshops. They also ensure that Tink Knit runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis, from managing inventory to working with the social workers. Their interactions with the mothers create a strong foundation of support within our organization.


Interested in joining our team? Email us at